April 25, 2011

My Princess Bunny

Written by Flor Atherton Perkymom @ 3:06 PM

Belated Happy Easter everyone, how fun and nice is easter. The hubby took us out for lunch and drop us off in the mall for some spring shopping while he went his way off the the music store. We had fun, I get to also take picture of my little princess with the bunny ears, it's so cute. We spent a little time in the park to an over looking Golden Gate in San Francisco. We didn't do any easter egg hunting just yet, maybe next year when she can walk it will be more fun and exciting next year for sure. Alrighty God Bless everyone

2 shout out:

aimee said...

Aww she's the cutest and I love her little pink tutu. I gave you an award because you so deserve it. Please hop on to my blog to claim it. Thanks Flor! http://aimee-girltalk.blogspot.com

Becky said...

Your daughter is adorable! Following you from Girl Talk and The Versatile Blogger post!

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