April 21, 2011

Constipated Baby

Written by Flor Atherton Perkymom @ 4:27 PM
Oh the joy that comes with introducing solids to your infant, possible allergy to certain foods, hyperactive and constipation. I've learned a lot of things, when I feed my baby banana she is super hyper at night and is awake 2 hours, must be the sugar in it same goes when we feed her cereal,so we only give her bananas during weekends as a treat when my husband is not working the next day, we're skipping cereal now and go straight to veggies, so far she's doing great and liking it but the constipation sucks, she pushes so hard for that little bugger to come out. Who doesn't hate being constipated right? Poor girl!

And we don't have some stuff for constipation =( I promise to buy and stock up on everything we need for the baby, I swear we're going to hit up the store tomorrow and grab some prune and apple juices. I'm such a buy it when you need it of a person, it's probably not a good idea with a baby. Anyway here's my little girl loving her homemade peas.

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aimee said...

oh so cute! It's hard to see our babies having a hard time with constipation. Hope she'll be out of it soon.

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