May 07, 2008

Disclosure Badge

Written by Flor Atherton Perkymom @ 4:26 AM
I have been trying to get a disclosure badge and a disclosure policy but in too many attempts I can't still get it work, I wonder what shall I do or need to do just to get a badge. If someone could help me please feel free to leave comments it'll be greatly appreciated.
I think that's the only thing I don't have in my new edited page hehe I am dieing to have that thingy cuz some advertisers request for a disclosure badge and too bad this time I can't figure how to do it. Maybe in time I'll know but not now my brain is not working lol. Anyway if you knew the "how to" get a badge please please let me know by leaving a comment thanks ahead.

Edited: I already figure it out with the help of my co blogger Ness she taught me the steps to get the disclosure badge and policy to Ness thanks a lot for the great info. Mabuhay ka!!

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